History channel: Better than fiction

Promos. 2016.

45 Secs X2.


Following on from the success of the Mountain Men promo we produced for them, History Channel asked Roger to produce several short pieces illustrating various true unusual occurrences which happened throughout history.


Animation Company: Roger

Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee
Creative Director: Dane Macbeth
Art Director: Jake Portman
Producer: Anne Pendola
2D Animators: Jake Portman, Shawn Lee, Joseph Moon.
Cel Animators:  Connie Chan, Song E KimTaik Lee
Designers: Yuki Yamada, Yu Kito Lee, Grace Kim, Belinda Rodriguez, D'Ara Nazaryan.
Jr Designers: Tina Hung, Kevin Jan.
Editor/Sound Design: Sean McAllan.
Audio House: Margarita Mix.
Voice Talent: Lloyd Sherr.
Business Development: Drew Neujahr.