Short Film. 2014.

02 mins 33 secs.


As a kid growing up in England in the 1970’s, I always loved the few anime shows that reached british television. I had no idea they were from Japan or what anime was. I just knew that they were totally different from all the other cartoons that I was seeing.

One thing always baffled me though. Even as an 8 year old I could see that it was a truly horrible idea to give control of an all powerful robot to a group of teenagers, instead of.... I don’t know, trained professionals for example.This film is an attempt to see what might actually occur during the course of a typical mission. 

The visual style was modeled after such classics as Gatchaman and Voltron. And while I concede that its not as accurate as I’d necessarily like, it’s the best I could manage with my mediocre cel animation skills, and not being Japanese.



French: Nathan Sapsford
Barrel/Jack: Jeffery James Perry
Gina: Simone K Smith
General: Greg Reynard


Sound Design: Braincloud Sound.
Music: Shawn Lyon.
Scriptwriters: Jake Portman. Anne Cuizon. Lorenzo de Gula

Special thanks

Emily Rickard. Moses Journey. David Lewandowski