History channel: PERFECT JOB

Promos. 2017.

30 Secs X6.


Yet another in my seemingly endless number of jobs for the History Channel (May they never end)

This one was to celebrate Labour day. Which ironically had an incredibly tight turn around. And contained a huge amount of animation. 


Animation Company: Roger

Creative Director: Dane Macbeth
Art Director: Jake Portman
Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
Head of Production: Jake Hilber
Producer: Rebecca Park
Designers: Rob Modini, Morgan Schwietzer, Alex Cabal, Jessica Kleinman, Angie Son.
2D Animators: Jake Portman, Shawn Lee, Alex Mapar, Jae Son
Cel Animators:  Alex Mapar, Ed Jacoby, Jae Son, Genis Alzola.
Mixer: White Noise Lab.
VO: Pat Duke / Abrams Artists Agency