Promax awards


Some of my work was recognized at the recent 2017 Promax Awards. Mountain Men picked up a Gold and a Silver, and Better than fiction won a Bronze. Congratulations to the team at Roger, and everyone who was involved.

Better than fiction


Just updated with new work for the History channel. This is the 1st of 2 to air. I will update the second one once it is released.



A couple of weeks ago, our History Channel: Mountain Men spot won a Silver at the Clio/Keyart awards. Congratulations to everyone involved.


OK. That took a little longer than I anticipated. But my email is now functioning again. Sorry about that



My E Mail might be down for a few days while I get everything transferred over. If I don't reply, try my G-Mail account. 


Hello Earth.

I finally got around to putting together a new site. I decided to use squarespace for this one, as it'll make it a lot easier (and more likely that I will actually bother) to update.

I have not included some of the older work from my previous sites in an effort to keep the work that is there relevant to what I am up to these days.

There is a new showreel, with a few snippets from stuff which didn't make it onto the full site. And several new jobs that I recently completed are also included as full projects at the top of the page.