Promax awards (2018)


So. Mountain Men. One with Nature won a Gold at the  2018 Promax Awards. This is the 2nd year in a row that we have won this award. So, again. Congratulations to the team at Roger, and everyone who was involved.

Promax awards


Some of my work was recognized at the recent 2017 Promax Awards. Mountain Men picked up a Gold and a Silver, and Better than fiction won a Bronze. Congratulations to the team at Roger, and everyone who was involved.

Better than fiction


Just updated with new work for the History channel. This is the 1st of 2 to air. I will update the second one once it is released.



A couple of weeks ago, our History Channel: Mountain Men spot won a Silver at the Clio/Keyart awards. Congratulations to everyone involved.


OK. That took a little longer than I anticipated. But my email is now functioning again. Sorry about that



My E Mail might be down for a few days while I get everything transferred over. If I don't reply, try my G-Mail account. 


Hello Earth.

I finally got around to putting together a new site. I decided to use squarespace for this one, as it'll make it a lot easier (and more likely that I will actually bother) to update.

I have not included some of the older work from my previous sites in an effort to keep the work that is there relevant to what I am up to these days.

There is a new showreel, with a few snippets from stuff which didn't make it onto the full site. And several new jobs that I recently completed are also included as full projects at the top of the page.